CBD Oil – 1000 Mg


1000mg recommended for dogs weighing 50 to 200lbs+

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CBD Oil 1000mg recommended for dog’s weighing 50lbs – 200lbs+

We recommend our 1000mg blend for larger breeds and dogs who may not need a higher content dosage of CBD. The great aspect about CBD isolate is that there is no concern of giving too much as there are no negative, psychoactive, serious or deadly side effects. 

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Ingredients: MCT Oil, CBD Isolate

Content: 1000mg of CBD 

Dosage: 1mL per day, depending on severity of symptoms

1 Bottle = 30mL (30 days supply)

0.00% of THC

Why Choose Us?

We at PetcareMD believe you shouldn’t spend so much to get a high-quality CBD product. Our products contain only premium CBD that is THC-free and developed through the innovative manufacturing process resulting from non-GMO hemp grown right here in the United States. Some businesses cut corners by buying their CBD from China, where regulations are much lower and tend to be filled with contaminants causing more problems than helping! With 3rd party testing, we can guarantee that there are no chemicals, no toxins, and no THC at all!

Why CBD Oil?

We use an organic hemp CBD isolate mixed and given with MCT oil (organic coconut oil). We chose to make our product in a liquid form it because will be absorbed by the digestive process to go directly to the liver where it can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream and distributed throughout the body. Our high potency liquid formula is far superior to capsulated CBD and CBD dog treats, because of the fact that CBD binds well with MCT oil and MCT oil is aborbed so rapidly by the body!

How Much Should You Give?

Each dosage depends on each dog and its symptoms. Even the researches have yet to find the perfect balance for dosage amounts because each ailment is different and each dog is different. What is good for one might not be enough for another! So at times we will suggest starting with a higher CBD content and going down in content later!

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