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750mg – CBD Oil



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The 2nd highest potent bottle we offer, is our 750mg bottle. This is the bottle that offers one of the highest and fastest results! Regardless of the size of your dog(s). It also serves as an immense enhancement when paired with training in order to change more serious behavior cases. This bottle can also be given to smaller dogs.. Feel free to reach out with any other questions!!

For lower dosage, try our 500mg product right there :

Ingredients: MCT Oil, CBD Isolate

Content: 750mg of CBD 

Dosage: 1mL per day, depending on severity of symptoms

1 Bottle = 30mL (30 days supply)

0.00% of THC

Why Choose Us?

We at PetcareMD believe you shouldn’t spend so much to get a high-quality CBD product. Our products contain only premium CBD that is THC-free and developed through the innovative manufacturing process resulting from non-GMO hemp grown right here in the United States. Some businesses cut corners by buying their CBD from China, where regulations are much lower and tend to be filled with contaminants causing more problems than helping! With 3rd party testing, we can guarantee that there are no chemicals, no toxins, and no THC at all!

Why CBD Oil?

We use an organic hemp CBD isolate mixed and given with MCT oil (organic coconut oil). We chose to make our product in a liquid form it because will be absorbed by the digestive process to go directly to the liver where it can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream and distributed throughout the body. Our high potency liquid formula is far superior to capsulated CBD and CBD dog treats, because of the fact that CBD binds well with MCT oil and MCT oil is aborbed so rapidly by the body!

How Much Should You Give?

Each dosage depends on each dog and its symptoms. Even the researches have yet to find the perfect balance for dosage amounts because each ailment is different and each dog is different. What is good for one might not be enough for another! So at times we will suggest starting with a higher CBD content and going down in content later!

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12 reviews for 750mg – CBD Oil

  1. Sue B.

    It helped my Havanese with his anxiety during Thunderstorms.

  2. Jeff P.

    Just wanted to try CBD for my dog as his old age is starting to show. Slow to get up, not really his old self and it was getting hard to watch. A friend recommended petcaremd and I wasn’t sure about buying online but after I did I got it surprisingly fast and immediatly gave it to Timber. After two weeks he is having no troubles, runs like a bat out of hell and his fur looks great. I can’t believe how much it made a difference and I will keep him on this until the end of his days, highly recommended!

  3. Karl M.

    Just in one week we noticed Goku stopped shaking or becoming anxious around guests and when we leave. He’s now very calm instead of always pacing and he hasn’t had any stomach issues too! We love to see how he is now and only wish we got help sooner, thank you!!

  4. Emilie M.

    Yuki was starting to display some early signs of arthritis. He was slow to get up and doesn’t want to go for any of his old long walks and we can’t do small hikes anymore with him. It was sad to see as they have always been his favorite activities. We didn’t want to leave our little man behind so we tried your CBD and now he is running circles around us!!! He is much more of himself and now is begging to go on walks. We can’t believe the transformation and we couldn’t be happier. Oh and he absolutely loves the taste of it!! 🙂

  5. Meredith W.

    Got it fast and already notice a big difference, thanks!

  6. Jesse

    Ricky is our love and joy, he came to us with a ton of issues but after 6 months he finally grew attached to us. While that was great, he still had a ton of fear and was constantly shaking from loud or strange noises. He also was deathly afraid of just about everyone who came over. We have guests over often so we didn’t want him always hiding in fear or never being around when we had company. We worked with a dog trainer but he still had a lot of fear and anxiousness. Now, after just days of taking it, Ricky is not only the calmest he has ever been but has stopped being so paranoid of noises. Not to mention, what took us months to get Ricky good with us. He is now going up to our guests (they ignore him) which is a big change!!! We love what we have seen and will keep Ricky on this to maintain his state, it’s been incredible!

  7. Paul

    My dog trainer recommended you guys for my dog Duke. Duke started showing signs of hip dysplasia and I could tell he was in a lot of pain. He was slow to get up, sometimes would whine and be more stagnant than he has ever been. He is only 4 years old and I was concerned that this might shorten his lifespan. I bought your red bottle and now Duke is happy as a clam. He’s no longer slow or sore but I still don’t overdo it with him. I can’t believe the transformation and I am saving up for the surgery for later on now. Thanks guys.

  8. Rachel M

    Our 13 year old husky, Bandit, has osteoarthritis in his back legs. After being on glucosamine and fish oil for years and poor recovery from a major operation earlier this year, his mobility was steadily declining. We wanted to try a natural option before considering lifelong prescribed NSAIDs. It’s only been 1 week so far with the 750mg dosage, but already we have seen huge progress with Bandit being in less pain! His back legs are more sturdy and no longer shake when he puts weight on them. He no longer holds his breath when having his hind legs touched. And he’s sleeping more soundly, no longer whimpering several times throughout the night. We’re grateful to have started him on Petcare MD’s CBD oil, and we’re looking forward to seeing his continued improvements!

  9. Ingrid S

    I bought the 125mg bottle for my Shiba but I didn’t notice any big changes so I bought the 750mg bottle too and what a difference. He no longer shakes from his anxiety and is so much more calm. I can tell he is at peace.

  10. Cynthia

    Sophie was afraid of her own shadow but we could tell it was adding to her anxiety to the point where she would just hide all the time. We tried keping her on leash but she was never comfortable so our dog trainer recommended this CBD for us and I;m very happy with the results. She does not hide anymore and now is more curious and comfortable. We love seeing how she is now, thank you and god bless.

  11. Josephine Ford

    I actually give this to my cat! She is 13 and starting to develop some arthritis so some days she is really stiff and painful. When I notice she’s sore I give her 1ml of cbd in some wet food and she is loosened up and playing withing 10 minutes! I find giving it to her as needed rather than daily works best for us, I’m sure as she gets older it will turn into a daily thing but for now it’s a quick fix for some old bones!

  12. Josephine Ford (verified owner)

    your cbd products are a life saver! my 13 year old cat has bad hips and giving her 1-1½ ml of the 750mg relaxes her completely and takes away her pain! it works almost immediately and she will even play just 5 min after taking it!

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